Best Free Themes and Plugins for Customizing WordPress Admin Dashboard

Customizing WordPress Admin Dashboard

Do you know your can customize your WordPress admin dashboard in several ways?

WordPress dashboard menu items can be added, hidden, or rearranged. You can add custom widgets to help guide or pass meaningful information to the users.

Besides, The customized backend will provide your clients with the feel-good part that keeps them longing for more.

As a WordPress site owner, the WordPress admin area is the most important part of the website.

You can create or delete pages or posts, change themes, tweaking features, customize functionality and set up your entire website with just a few clicks from the dashboard.

Anyway, while the WordPress website front-end is customizable, the backend of WP is customizable, too. That’s where a WordPress dashboard plugin comes in.

Use an Admin Dashboard Plugin on Your WordPress website.

WordPress is a popular CMS(Content management system) because it offers all the features you need to build a robust website for any purpose.

Still, it has some limitations. While it offers an abundance of customization options on the front-end, the back-end area lacks the out-of-the-box.

Luckily, you can extend WordPress’s dashboard functionality with an admin dashboard plugin, making your or your client’s site administration tasks more straightforward, more accessible, and efficient.

Fair Warning Regarding WP Dashboard Performance

Well! Before we dive into the list and tutorial, it’s important to remember that massively customing your WordPress admin dashboard may result in slower back-end performance. But in some cases, it may load faster depending on what you’re doing for the admin area.

How do I Customize WordPress Admin Dashboard?

In many cases, for some WordPress users, a built-in dashboard may present some limitations.

Aesthetically, it might not be what you are looking for or what you are trying to deliver to your clients.

WordPress offers few fundamental visual customization options for its back-end. You can change the colors, but not enough more.

Concerning functionally, you might feel restricted by the lack of personalization options. For example, if you needed to create a dashboard item named “Blooks,” you wouldn’t be able to do that on WordPress’s native dashboard.

Then what is the solution? Install a WP admin dashboard plugin that will enable you to customize everything from the width of the sidebar part to the admin panel’s functionalities and features.

The following WordPress admin dashboard tweaking plugins will allow you to entirely style your admin area for a complete and perfectly personalized back-end experience.

Best Plugins Customizing WordPress Admin Dashboard

  1. White Label CMS
  2. Client Dash
  3. Ultimate Dashboard
  4. Admin Menu Editor
  5. User Role Editor
  6. Adminimize
  7. Custom Dashboard Widgets
  8. WP Custom Admin Interface
  9. Slate Admin Theme
  10. Aquila Admin Theme
  11. Admin Columns
  12. Nested Pages
  13. Dashboard Widgets Suite
  14. WP Dashboard Notes
  15. Everest Admin Theme Lite

1. White Label CMS

I think you will be happy with this plugin. White Label CMS plugin is a pretty much good all-in-one CMS solution that will let you speedily customize most aspects of the WordPress admin dashboard—feeling better?

If you’re using the WordPress platform to create a client’s website, you can use this free plugin to customize the admin area according to your client’s requests and needs. But it can also be helpful if you’re working on your site as well.

Furthermore, you can also write a custom message to your clients to use and navigate the admin dashboard section. Suppose you are interested in adding your developer branding into the admin area. In that case, White Label CMS also provides the option to add your logo in the dashboard header and footer section.

2. Client Dash

Client Dash is a free and robust WordPress dashboard plugin that will help you create custom admin panel for your clients and restrict access to particular menu items.

You can also create personalized dashboard menu items by changing the label, link, and icons. Everything is configurable and easy to adjust through this plugin’s drag-and-drop interface.

You’ll be able to offer a great experience to your clients by creating a user-friendly WordPress dashboard that can customize according to their requirements. If it seems appropriate for you, you can take this plugin indirectly.

3. Ultimate Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard empowers you to create a simple, clean WordPress admin panel for yourself or your clients.

You can customize the WordPress control panel by removing widgets and creating custom dashboard pages. You can also create and design a branded user login page and remove WordPress’s logo from the top of the login form.

Tip: You can upgrade to the Ultimate Dashboard Pro version for exceptional features, which would eliminate third-party widgets and allow you to use the plugin for multi-site projects.

4. Admin Menu Editor

If you’re particularly interested in customizing the WordPress dashboard areas sidebar menu, without looking in any other way, you can use a handy dedicated plugin called Admin Menu Editor. Or, do a little indirect.

Using it, you can change the names for sidebar menu items and add your icons, CSS classes, etc. Additionally, re-organize the sidebar menu items, like creating a new parent category or creating custom menu items linked to custom URLs.

5. User Role Editor

User Role Editor is a fantastic plugin for WordPress websites with multiple users, authors, and administrators. With this free plugin, you can easily change user roles and restrict user’s access to administrative tools.

User Role Editor is a straightforward plugin to use. Just turn on the “checkboxes” of capabilities you wish to add to the selected role and click the “Update” button to save your changes.

This admin dashboard plugin is an excellent choice for large companies with various fields and departments, as you can create custom types of users and assign permissions based on their role at the company.

6. Adminimize

Managing website user permissions is important when creating a WordPress website for giving multiple users access or client. However, the WordPress platform has a built-in process for editing user roles. Even you can make more grainy changes with a dedicated user role plugin.

It’s effortless to use, and this free plugin helps you hide items from the WordPress admin dashboard, restricting access as required and blocking unwanted changes. The plugin comes with a powerful and easy-to-use control panel to customize the things you want to show and hide. It’s good for both security and ease of use.

7. Custom Dashboard Widgets

Sometimes WordPress dashboard can get a little cluttered. Custom Dashboard Widgets plugin helps relieve some of that clutter by allowing you to replace all the regular home page widgets with more modest versions.

Custom items label and a FontAwesome icon; each widget can be displayed or hidden based on a user’s role. You can add your custom links as well.

8. WP Custom Admin Interface

WP Custom Admin Interface WordPress tools enable you to customize the dashboard menu and toolbar with a drag-and-drop editor.

This plugin also allows you to change the menu and toolbar icons, color schemes and customize the admin and login interfaces.

WordPress administrators who manage many websites will acknowledge the settings export-import feature, enabling you to deploy customizations to multiple sites.

9. Slate Admin Theme

Slate Admin Theme is a minimalist WordPress dashboard theme with a beautiful design ideal for customizing the WordPress Admin area.

A non-tech person can easily use this plugin as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

The plugin is specially built to simplify the visual design and is a translation-ready plugin, so choose the language you like.

10. Aquila Admin Theme

With this plugin, you can clean up the admin area from unnecessary or potentially confusing items for the back-end user.

It allows you to create a hyper-customized dashboard for either yourself or your clients. You can choose colors with a color-picker, pick custom icons for each menu item, and change the WordPress logo in the top left.

Aquila plugin is compatible with Gutenberg and supports multi-site configurations.

11. Admin Columns

With this plugin, you can organize columns in the posts, users, comments, and media lists in the WordPress admin panel to make it look organized and user-friendly.

Moreover, It offers complete flexibility to reorder or edit columns and choose from more than 70 custom field types to create new columns.

Admin Columns is a helpful plugin ideal for those with big websites or a complex inventory of products. The free version of the plugin, it is easy to adjust your content workflow and work faster. To know the benefits of this helpful plugin, try it yourself.

12. Nested Pages

If you’ve ever become disappointed trying to organize your pages in your WordPress dashboard menu, the Nested Pages plugin might be the best solution for which you’ve been looking for a long time. Nested Pages is an excellent plugin that aims to settle this by turning listings into interactive tree-style menus.

It also lets you add pages in bulk, right from within the page listing. It adds a smooth drag-and-drop organizer for reordering posts, speedily creating menus, and organizing multiple pages in a relevant manner.

13. Dashboard Widgets Suite

If you want more extra flexibility to create custom admin dashboard widgets or a Custom welcome panel, you can use the free Dashboard Widgets Suite plugin.

This free plugin lets you customize the number of columns in the dashboard area and add new dashboard widgets for Custom notes, Social media, Other WordPress widgets, System info Debug log, Error log, Lists, RSS feeds.

14. WP Dashboard Notes

Suppose you are working with multiple persons on a website and want to make notes. In that case, this plugin allows you to leave messages for your clients within their WordPress dashboard, making it easy to leave short step-by-step tutorials, instructions, reminders during onboarding.

This free dashboard plugin is also super easy to use. Drag the widget into place, write your message, and save it.

15. Everest Admin Theme Lite

Everest Admin Theme Lite is another free WordPress dashboard appearance customizer plugin for building a beautiful WordPress website’s admin panel.

It provides an option of an admin menu and sub-menu background-color selection. This free plugin includes four different pre-designed WordPress admin panel templates from which you can easily choose the one you like.

The plugin is easy to use and a friendly admin interface suitable for managing and configuring the admin panel. It gives your WordPress website dashboard a beautiful look and makes it perfectly customized for you and your clients.

How to Customize WordPress Login Page?

Till now, we are talking about the technical part of the admin dashboard, but your WordPress login page still plays an essential role in getting peoples/users into the dashboard in the first place.

Have you ever wondered, how can it be improved, which will be unique?

Well, there are some quality plugins to help you customize the WordPress login page. Let’s talk about one of them.

Custom Login Page Customizer plugin gives a good starting point because it lets you visually design the WordPress login page using the native WordPress Live Customizer.

Once you install and activate it, click on the new Login Customizer menu item to open the WordPress Live Customizer options.

Please take a look at the preview screenshot; you’ll see a live preview of changes on the right and a variety of login-page customization options on the left available:

If desired, you can simply customize the default layout. Or, if you want to make bigger changes, you can apply a completely new template and then customize things from there:

Now, you can customize or design the default WordPress login layout. And, if you want to make more significant changes, you can apply an entirely new pre-designed template and then customize things from there:

Customize the WordPress Login Page

Create your Customized WordPress Admin Dashboard!

We saw many options. For an all-in-one solution to customize maximum WordPress admin dashboard areas, the White Label CMS plugin makes a good starting option.

After that, if you determine you want more extra functionality to customize a specific part of your WordPress admin dashboard, you will be able to find several feature-specific customization plugins, including:


Good backend UI and UX can make controlling your WordPress site significantly more straightforward. Customizing your WordPress admin dashboard using plugins can give you the improved structure and functionality you need to run a successful website, including more control over your users, content, media, and branding.

In this list and tutorial, I’ve covered some best plugins, including themes for the WordPress backend, and discussed effective plugins for customizing your dashboard.

Suppose you have any questions about customizing WordPress for backend user experience or hiring for your WordPress project. Let me know me!