5+ Best Star Rating Plugins for WordPress (2021 Compared)

Best Star Rating and Review Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to add a star rating feature to your WordPress? And you are searching for the best star rating plugins for WordPress?

Since you are looking for the best WordPress rating plugins, I’m sure you know the importance of reviewing or rating features for products or services.

Adding a star rating option to your website allows your customers or clients to review your products or services while improving your social credentials.

This article will help you choose the best star rating plugins for WordPress to add star ratings to your WordPress website simply.

What are the benefits of using WordPress Star Rating Plugins?

A star rating or review plugin lets you add client or customer reviews to your website, product, or services with built-in star ratings.

The plugin allows you to collect feedback on the enhancement of your website. Together, the schema markup of the rating plugins makes your site rank higher on search engines result.

The advantages of customer reviews moderately depend on what kind of business you are running.

Site Reviews (Free)

Site Reviews - Star Rating Plugins for WordPress

The Site Reviews plugin features let your visitors submit star ratings between 1 and 5 stars—a simple yet effective and helpful way to collect reviews and ratings on your website.

Site Reviews is a lightweight, clean plugin. It has several options for displaying your ratings using shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. So you can display your reviews pretty much anyplace on your website.

When you display ratings on your WordPress site, this plugin allows you to pin your best reviews to the top; thus, your visitors will see them first.

There is also a built-in approval system; you can moderate customer ratings before going live on your website. As a result, this prevents unfair and spam reviews from being posted and negatively affecting your business.

There are more good features as well, backup and restore feature in case you lose any data. Even you can integrate with Akismet to get rid of spam.

Even have the option to require users to log in before posting a star rating or review.

With the Site Reviews plugin, you can quickly reply to reviews, display reviews and star ratings across your site, and more.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce (Free)

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce - Best WordPress product review plugin

This free customer review plugin can work on any WordPress site without WooCommerce integration, but they work together to create a strong engagement between your website and customers. So, these two plugins are perfect when combined.

This WooCommerce review plugin allows you to set up automated review reminders for your customers who recently purchased a product from your store but haven’t posted a review on the product yet. You can also send out coupons and discounts for those who write reviews on your store.

It helps you get more sales with social proof. It also allows you to improve social proof by verifying reviews when your customer has purchased the product through your store.

The free version of this plugin includes some useful features for all businesses, such as review reminders, trust badges, plus the ability to import reviews.

You will have options to receive content from your customers, such as photos and videos.

Include rich snippets feature on each of your reviews to show your customer ratings on Google. You can integrate your reviews with Google Shopping to display star ratings on search results.

WP Customer Reviews (Free)

The WP Customer Review plugin is another excellent free solution that helps you accepting reviews from your customers anywhere on your website.

It’s an open-source project where money reaches developers through donations. And many people will be glad to know that you don’t have to pay to use this free plugin.

It simply facilitates your website users to leave the business, product, or service reviews within a few clicks. The satisfying part is that you can determine which reviews get approved or appeared on your website.

With its help, you can set up a particular web page on your website where users/customers can come in and give a customer testimonial of your service/business or even write reviews on specific products.

This plugin is easier and more straightforward than configuring with a basic dashboard for allowing or rejecting customers reviews.

In addition to several options for displaying review boxes, the WP Customer Review plugin provides you with a setting for displaying a certain number of reviews on a page of your website.

Furthermore, it comes up with several anti-spam measures to protect your website against automated spambots.

Plugin shortcodes are available for you to place your reviews on several areas of your website, including website sidebars.

And the most helpful part is that rich snippets are shown on search engines to enhance your results and produce a stronger visual view of your ratings.

Schema — All In One Schema Rich Snippets (Free)

Best WordPress Review Plugins Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Technically, this is not a WordPress review plugin but more of a tool to create schema markup on your website or products on search engines. So, if you are searching for a method to get reviews on your site, this is not the absolute plugin you want.

This Schema plugin can expose many kinds of information on the search engines, including recipe, review, event, product, software application, video, articles.

Then what do you have to do? You need to give a star rating (-/5) to the product and say about it.

Like any kinds of complex settings of a regular WordPress review or star rating plugin, you won’t have to deal with the customization with it.

Nonetheless, Schema promises you to give useful data so that search engines can crawl your site better, making it more likely to rank higher. What’s great is that you can get all of it for free.

Schema plugin uses a different strategy by consolidating your current review system and attaching visuals for the search engine results.

It’s a lightweight Schema plugin that doesn’t pull down your site or use any heavy space in the frontend or backend.

I found this Schema plugin is free for users and doesn’t have any additional upgrades that you have to worry about.

WooCommerce (Free)

WooCommerce - Star Rating Plugins for WordPres

According to BuiltWith lookup, this free plugin powers more than 28% of all eCommerce stores.

WooCommerce built-in product review is a strong tool for establishing faithful relationships with your customers.

For those who want to create an eCommerce store with WordPress, WooCommerce is the best way to make it done.

Varieties of products that come in WooCommerce Core can also be used to sell your services. It could be consulting, hairstyling, workshops, or just about any other service you can envision selling through your website.

Many companies use WooCommerce to sell services, rent accommodations, book appointments, consulting services, or just about any other service you can imagine selling through your website.


You should never underestimate the ability of any good WordPress review plugin as it can play an essential role in creating great websites with powerful features.

Not only can this build faith among your website visitors, but it can also increase your revenue and give you a higher position in search engines.

You can choose from the list of the best WordPress star review plugins based on how the features fit your needs.