CreativesBite license reflects that. License empowers creators and protects our community.

✅   Resources can be downloaded and used for free for personal, noncommercial, or commercial purposes across print and digital, except in the cases mentioned in “What is not permitted”.
✅   From anywhere in the world.
✅   You can make modifications and derived works.
✅   For some resources, giving credit to the contributor is not necessary but is always appreciated by the CreativesBite community, as it provides exposure to their work and encourages them to continue sharing.

What is not permitted
🚫   Resources Cannot be sold or redistribute to someone else’s or other stock or resources platforms.
🚫   Don’t sell unaltered copies of resources. e.g. sell an exact copy of a PSD as a poster, print, or on a physical product.
🚫   Don’t portray identifiable people in a bad light or in a way that is offensive.
🚫   Don’t use resources with identifiable brands to create a misleading association with a product or service.
🚫   Compiling resources to replicate a similar or competing service.

📄   Personal License
Each download allows the user to use the product for personal use only. You’ll need to ask the creator/author/designer for a commercial license if you wish to make the modified version public.

📄   Non-commercial License
Each download allows the user a wide range of exciting possibilities — including artistic, educational, scholarly, and personal projects that will not be marketed, promoted, or sold.

📄   Commercial License
Each download allows the user/buyer to use the product, for one project for commercial use. Please note that end users cannot be charged for this product and you can use it in only one project. Also, this use is limited with-in the same company. Please, contact creator/author/designer if you want to know more details for a specific product.

CreativesBite grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from CreativesBite for free for personal use, including for commercial purposes, with permission or without permission from or attributing the designer/creator or CreativesBite. This license does not include the right to compile resources from CreativesBite to replicate a similar or competing service.

Redistribution Terms
You can share CreativesBite resources on your/other websites, but you should link to the particular resource page at to download.

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Tip: How to give attribution ✏️

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort for a creator/designer, but we need from you is an attribution link. Choose the medium you’re going to use the resource for.

To give attribution a designer/author appreciate it as it provides exposure to their work and encourages them to continue sharing.


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