Hello sir, We can’t discuss this on Fiverr. That’s why I’m here to explain 🙂 Note: Fiverr doesn’t have special features to continue our deal there, also will be very expensive. So you can read the below details and let me know, which will be less expensive us.

2. Monthly contract — Let’s set a minimum number of hours per month and then you can charge me for any overage. And If I do not use the minimum hours, they just expire.

—–> In that case, We can go with best marketplace), they have hourly features :). So we can continue with hourly work yearly or monthly. Yearly or Monthly, It’s doesn’t matter, because you will pa_y depend on how many hours the work takes :). Suppose, hourly $20, I spend 10 hours for work, So you will pa_y for 10 hours $200. No hours will expire that you’ve spent if we do not use.

—–> Also, Another good option open for us, on every marketplace will charge you and me, Fiverr charge me 20% from my every order earning which is too much, also they charge you a lot, right? So we can continue outside of the marketplace if you want, and we can use the pa_yment method like’ve pa_yoneer global pa_yment receive option),’ve client who send pa_yment on it).

If you want, we can continue on Upwork. I do not work on Upwork; I just finished a project a long time ago 🙂 This the account

Also, for discussion about this, we can discuss it on Sky_pe (email [email protected]) or Whats_App(number +8801755878266). because we can’t talk about this on Fiverr 🙂